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Amerigroup is about helping people live healthier and more independent lives. Our story is case workers, doctors and nurses listening to members, understanding their problems and finding solutions to make the health care system work better, one member at a time.

Featured Story: Helping Members Achieve Their Goals

Mayten is a fun-loving teenager who had a swimming accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, rendering him unable to walk. Thanks to the persistence and resourcefulness of an Amerigroup Case Manager and an Amerigroup Social Worker, Mayten got the services and support he needed to start his path to recovery. He worked tirelessly for months to complete in-patient rehabilitation and reached his goal of walking across the stage at his high school graduation. Despite the challenges he’s faced, Mayten sees the glass half full and is enjoying college with his friends.

Helping Members Get Back on Their Feet


Michael is a talented musician who nearly lost it all after a motor vehicle accident left him injured and homeless. Thanks to the Amerigroup Rising Star program and the help of his Amerigroup Case Managers, Michael got the support he needed to be healthy and live a better life. And now Michael’s back on his feet and dreaming about drumming again.

Being There When Our Communities Need It the Most


Hurricane Harvey overwhelmed Southeast Texas with rain, causing massive flooding and large-scale evacuations. When the storm made landfall, we mobilized immediately to help those in need. We partnered with community-based organizations and the Dallas Mega Shelter to provide emergency supplies to anyone affected by the storm—no one was turned away. And we dispatched mobile medical units to areas where residents had sheltered in place. Together, with our proud and resilient neighbors, we weathered the storm.

Bringing Primary Care to Mental Health Facilities


Amerigroup understands people with behavioral health problems almost never get the physical health care they need. Creating a medical home and behavioral health practice helps provide primary health services to patients with serious and/ or substance abuse disorders. Amerigroup partners with community based health providers to give primary health care services to members with behavior problems. Amerigroup finds providing primary care services for behavior health practice is more holistic, more integrated and provides services to patients who previously were not getting them.

Living Independently


Humberto's life changes when Amerigroup provides in-home help and transportation to social events.

Teaching New Parents How to Care for Babies


Premature babies need a lot of TLC. And after the stress of a high-risk pregnancy and the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, their parents need special attention too. Watch the Real Story video to learn more about how Amerigroup is teaching parents how to care for their babies.

Promoting Long-Term Services and Supports


Amerigroup offers a range of Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. These benefits help members live independently in their homes and communities for as long as possible. LTSS address people's need for help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, getting around the house and preparing meals.

Building Patient-Centered Medical Homes


People with behavioral health problems sometimes don't get the physical health care they need. Creating a medical home in a behavioral health practice helps provide primary care services to patients with serious and/or substance use disorders. Providing primary care services in a behavioral health practice is more holistic and integrated, and it provides services to patients who otherwise might not get them.

The Amerigroup Story


Learn why Amerigroup is a different kind of health care company.

Doing What's Right for the Member


Elizabeth is a highly charismatic, ambitious and determined Amerigroup Kansas member with Cerebral Palsy. With the able support of her family, friends, providers, and Amerigroup, Elizabeth overcomes a major obstacle to continuing to live independently…and to pursue her dream to attend college and graduate school.

Combating Childhood Obesity


Early education can help raise awareness of the obesity epidemic facing our country. Our health education workshops serve to prevent obesity before it begins. MaryAnne Kokidis, an Amerigroup health educator, engages schoolchildren in interactive presentations that provide information the students can use at home and later in life.

Giving Members Hope and Extra Services


Johnn is a loving father, husband and cook who has experienced more than his fair share of hardships in recent years. With the help and support of Amerigroup, and extra services like housing and transportation, Johnn was able to turn his life around. With Amerigroup’s gift of hope, Johnn is now helping others overcome the same obstacles he did.

Using Technology to Help Members More Quickly


Amerigroup designed and developed a mobile software application to assess and record health care needs in real time with members in their homes. This helps members get important long-term services and supports more quickly.

Preventing Pre-term Births


Preventing preterm births with affordable therapy, such as 17-P, is just one of the many steps Amerigroup is taking to ensure babies are born healthy.

Coordinating Complex Care


Coordinating complex care for kids who need it most.

Ensuring the Right Level of Care in Nursing Homes


Some of our members need help that only a nursing facility can provide. Amerigroup ensures that these members have the physical, emotional and social support and care that they need.

Supporting Members in Consumer-Directed Care


People who need long-term supports and services (LTSS) often aren't in the right settings to live their lives as fully as possible. Amerigroup launched the State of Tennessee's CHOICES program and enabled Lorri to live more independently, saving the State over $200,000 a year.