Pregnant Women, Children, and Families

From our very beginning, Amerigroup has been committed to supporting our members at every age to live their best lives through expanded access to preventive care, integrated care management, innovative programs, and partnerships that strengthen community resources and services.


We deliver holistic, person-centered care to meet members’ needs and address their goals and preferences through our Population Health management model.

A Healthy Start in Life


Amerigroup is committed to helping women, babies, families, and communities attain the best possible health outcomes. Our comprehensive Maternal Child Health Program addresses maternal and newborn health risks by ensuring members have access to the information, care, and support needed to stay healthy before, during, and after pregnancy. We also invest in innovative solutions and collaborations to increase the use of safe, evidence-based practices in maternity care, and reduce unnecessary medical interventions in labor and delivery.


Innovative Solutions


Amerigroup’s You and Your Baby in the NICU program provides parents with supports designed to help them cope with the day-to-day stress of having a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and prepare them and their homes for baby’s discharge from the hospital. Recognizing that the stress of having a critically ill infant in the NICU can result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among parents and loved ones, we developed a NICU PTSD program to at-risk parents of NICU babies.

  • 77% of individuals identified as having PTSD symptoms accepted referrals for treatment.
  • 80% of those who accepted a referral for treatment remained engaged with their provider at one-month follow up.
  • 91% of individuals reached at the one-month follow up reported improved awareness of PTSD.


Centering Pregnancy


Partnerships with national and local organizations help our programs to be successful. The CenteringPregnancy® group prenatal care model has been shown to decrease the rate of preterm and low birth weight babies, increase breastfeeding rates, and improve pregnancy spacing among participants. Amerigroup and its parent company Anthem support the expansion of CenteringPregnancy® by building awareness of the impact and benefits of the model through enhanced data collection, reporting, and communications in an effort to make it easier for providers to adopt.


The CenteringPregnancy® program initiative resulted in:

  • 3.5% NICU rate compared to 13.9 NICU rate among the comparison group1
  • An estimated NICU cost savings of $86,0002


1Psychiatria Danubina , 2014; Vol. 26, No. 4, pp 347-352.


2Anthem Program Study Results



Improving the Health of Individuals and Communities


We use a population health model to improve the health of our members and their communities, address public health priorities, and advance health equity.


Our approach to population health management is built on an understanding of multiple factors (social, economic, familial, cultural, and physical environment) and how these influence health conditions, health-related behaviors, and health outcomes among members in different geographic locations and diverse demographic groups.


Our population health model encompasses:

  • Targeted clinical programs based on analytics identifying member needs and opportunities.
  • Member engagement strategies ranging from prevention to person-centered care plans for chronic and complex clinical conditions.
  • Community partnerships to address a range of health and psychosocial issues from opioid use to tobacco cessation to obesity and nutrition.
  • Robust data informatics that include predictive modeling and social determinants of health.
  • Integrated care management that cares for the individual holistically and in coordination with our network of providers and community based organizations.
  • An unwavering focus on quality not only for member interventions but provider education and incentives that promote value-based care.
  • Community and State level policy support to advance clinical and social system redesign and provider engagement.

Amerigroup Population Health Management Model

Support CHIPs and Community Based Programs
Empowerment Navigators
Public Health Initiatives and Policy Advancement Support
Network Management Value-Based Payment Programs
Predictive Modeling, Analytics, Ongoing Monitoring
Health Promotion and Wellness
Chronic Condition Management
Care Management and Clinical Programs

In Washington state because we know that access to medication-assisted treatment for opioids in rural and frontier areas can be challenging, Amerigroup contracted with Bright Heart Health for statewide access to the first nationwide opioid use disorder treatment program specifically designed for delivery using telemedicine technologies. Its clinicians create an individualized treatment plan for each participant and address addiction and abuse of any substance, including prescription drugs.

“I have been very satisfied with Amerigroup and am glad that I chose them to help me with my first pregnancy and first child. Thanks Amerigroup!”

– Shakora, Amerigroup member

“I have been very satisfied with Amerigroup and am glad that I chose them to help me with my first pregnancy and first child. Thanks Amerigroup!”

– Shakora, Amerigroup member