Our Holistic Approach to Care

Making the connection

Health is more than just the absence of illness—it's having what you need to live a healthier life. That means not only having access to doctors and hospitals but also having access to fresh food, transportation, education, employment, housing … the list goes on and is different for each of us.

From physical, to behavioral, to critical social supports like housing and transportation, we bring it all together to support each member's individual journey to a healthier life. We invest in understanding community resources and build partnerships with local organizations and providers to make it easier for each member to get connected to the services they need.

Johnn's Journey

Johnn is a loving father, husband and cook who has experienced more than his fair share of hardships in recent years. With the help and support of Amerigroup, and extra services like housing and transportation, Johnn was able to turn his life around. With Amerigroup's gift of hope, Johnn is now helping others overcome the same obstacles he did.

Better results for everyone

We don't shy away from challenges—we partner with our states, providers, and communities to find sustainable solutions that help promote healthier outcomes for everyone. We focus on both the short-term need and the long-term goal to improve health at every age.


Sixty-five percent of the communities we serve today are designated as “rural,” and we partner with providers and employ proactive strategies to help ensure that members have access to the services they need. Amerigroup plans—

  • Work with medical schools to encourage serving rural areas in exchange for help in paying back student loans
  • Partner with safety net providers to begin mobile clinics and rotate provider clinics for both primary and specialty care
  • Embed behavioral health coaches in rural primary care sites to help increase integration and decrease access challenges


Housing is the foundation of health, and we have dedicated staff working every day with local agencies and organizations to find new and innovative ways to increase pathways to housing for our members. We are also committed to the continued development of housing options on a broader scale to help improve the health of our communities. To this end, our parent company has committed more than $380 million over the last decade toward the development of affordable housing for low-income families across the country, including $5.3 million in affordable housing investments in Mississippi.

Improving health literacy

We know that what happens in members' communities can be more important to their health than what happens in the doctor's office or hospital. Community-based programs and partners play a key role in reaching members outside of traditional care settings. For this reason, we collaborate with schools, providers, facilities, advocacy organizations, community groups, and clinics to connect with members from diverse backgrounds and communities. Our topics span a wide range of health promotion such as healthy eating, physical activity, cancer prevention and screening, tobacco use education and cessation, and behavioral health.

Children's health

Our goal is to help kids get a healthy start that leads to a lifetime of healthy choices. From our prenatal programs that reward moms for healthy habits to our intensive focus on immunizations and health screenings, we're committed to giving kids the best start possible. Together with our national foundation, we're a proud sponsor of the Boys and Girls Club Triple Play program in Mississippi, aimed at improving the health and wellness of kids. Our ongoing financial support provides curriculum and programming to help kids make healthy choices for the mind, body and soul.

Teaching New Parents How to Care for Babies

Premature babies need a lot of TLC. And after the stress of a high-risk pregnancy and the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, their parents need special attention too. Watch the Real Story video to learn more about how Amerigroup is teaching parents how to care for their babies.