Getting Results

We’re true partners to states: Amerigroup’s on-the-ground teams work with state agencies, providers, and the community to develop innovative programs and services. We offer practical solutions for Medicaid health care programs that help states achieve their goals for improved member health outcomes, administrative efficiencies, and cost savings.

Across every state served, Amerigroup has generated substantial positive results and savings by:

  • Focusing on providing members high quality care in the right setting and at the right time
  • Reducing unnecessary emergency room visits or hospitalizations
  • Eliminating duplication or gaps in care
  • Focusing on program integrity, transparency, and quality

Thought Leadership

With almost two decades of experience serving our nation’s citizens facing economic and health care disparities, including those with specialized needs, Amerigroup has earned its reputation as a thought leader. Our subject matter experts focus their knowledge on improving services, addressing the changing needs of our membership, and providing solutions for the most pressing health care issues today. For example, through the National Advisory Board (NAB), we work to improve health care and support services for millions of seniors and people with disabilities across the nation.

Achieving Positive Health Outcomes

Amerigroup has a strong track record of improving members’ lives and meeting health goals. We deliver superior performance and improved health outcomes for measures that are of critical importance. Across every state we serve, our commitment to member care is demonstrated in the positive outcomes our programs have achieved.

Awards and Recognitions

Amerigroup’s best-in-class programs and service delivery model continue to earn recognition.

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Recognition for our commitment and results:
  • NCQA includes seven Amerigroup health plans in its list of the Top 100 Medicaid health plans in the country.
  • Five Amerigroup health plans are in the top 50 of the Top 100 Medicaid health plans and one has been included at this level for three consecutive years.
  • According to NCQA’s 2018-19 ratings, Amerigroup’s affiliated health plans are operating state-sponsored programs are the #1 or #2 rated plans in Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.


Amerigroup and our affiliate health plans have achieved accreditation in numerous states across the nation. By meeting the rigorous evaluation process set for the by accrediting bodies, we have demonstrated our commitment to quality and continuous performance improvement.

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  • In NCQA’s 2018-2019 ratings, Amerigroup health plans are:
    • Rated #1 in GA, and tied for #1 in NJ, TN (Middle Region), and TX (Amerigroup Texas Inc.)
    • Rated #2 in WA, and tied for #2 in TN (East Region), and TX (Amerigroup Insurance Company).
  • Amerigroup’s affiliated health plans in New Jersey and Washington are fully accredited by NCQA.
Our Tennessee affiliate transitioned over 200 members from a nursing facility to a community-based alternative potentially saving the State of Tennessee $3.6 million annually.
In Indiana, our affiliate plan successfully achieved the 90th percentile for three consecutive years on the HEDIS measure for follow-up appointments within seven days after discharge for a mental illness.
Our Texas affiliate implemented programs that resulted in a 38 percent reduction in inpatient stays.
98.6 percent of our ABD members served in New York receive community-based services.
Our plans consistently achieve over 90 percent member satisfaction rates with LTSS.
In 2017, our health plans successfully transitioned more than 1,000 members from facilities to home- and community-based care.