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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

About Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not include prescription drug coverage. That’s why Medicare Part D plans are a good idea if you have prescriptions to fill regularly or if you just want help covering medication costs. Our PDPs in Arizona and Texas feature copays as low as $1 for generic drugs.

A Part D plan is not your only option for prescription drug coverage. Our Medicare Advantage plans also cover prescription drugs and more.

Learn more about our Medicare Advantage plans

Do you need assistance paying for prescription drugs
(Medicare Part D)?

The government offers prescription drug assistance for people with low incomes with a program called Extra Help. Find out if you qualify for Extra Help, which covers prescription drug deductibles, premiums and copays.

If we don’t offer a Medicare PDP in your state, learn more about the other Medicare plans we offer .

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