Disaster Response

"The elderly couple felt so overwhelmed, they were ready to give up their home and not come back. The work we did for them helped them feel there is hope for saving their home. What an amazing feeling it was to hear those words."

-Francisco Siercke, Disaster Response Team Volunteer, 2011 Kentucky Floods

Hurricane Ike damage

In the wake of a disaster, people with special needs are often at additional risk. More than 100 volunteer associates on our 5 Disaster Response Teams work with the Red Cross after a crisis to provide specialized, on-site assistance to the elderly and people with disabilities.

In the aftermath of a disaster, our volunteers help local governments and the Red Cross by providing manpower and supplies. Our teams pitch in wherever they are needed:

  • Volunteering at shelters
  • Repairing damaged homes
  • Distributing ice, water and food
  • Collecting and distributing clothing, toiletries and other relief supplies

Our Disaster Response Team volunteers are Red Cross trained in CPR and the use of AEDs. They also receive training from the Virginia Beach Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and additional training in mental health first aid and shelter operations.

Our teams have provided assistance and support in Houston following Hurricane Ike, in Nashville after the historic spring floods of 2010, in Kentucky during the 2011 flooding and in many other communities where our members and their neighbors needed our help.